What’s in Your Vape Stash?

Have you ever noticed that vapers have a lot of extra pieces lying around?

If you are an RDA user and you are into building your own coils, then you probably have pieces and partial spools of all different thickness of wires. You are also going to have different batches of cotton, probably even different brands. And not to mention the needed tools, such as a bunch of tiny little screwdrivers, wire cutters and of course your favorite drill. Many coil builders have kits to keep it all together and use an OHMs tester to make sure their coils are coming out as planned.

If you are a tank vaper and use disposable coils, you’ve probably got a stash of used but not burnt out coils. Maybe you even have some soaking in a solution such as Everclear to get the old juice out of them. I know I do, bunches of them. I know how some juices are just too strong to get out of a coil by replacing the juice and it just saves time to pop in a new one. But, you just can’t bear to get chuck the old one.

Most of the vapers I know have many more than just one set up. I, personally, have a decent stash of different tanks, coils, RDTAs and RDAs. And all of us have that hot knew thing that we just cannot wait to try.

My hot new thing that I can’t wait to get my hands on is a mesh RDA. I love the look and the ease of the mesh. There’s not much to mess up with it and that’s right up my alley.

I don’t usually mess with building my own coils. Let’s just say that I consider it both above my pay grade and beyond my skill set. Now, that doesn’t mean that I can’t pop a set of pre-made coils into an RDA. Well, depending on the build deck, I usually can.

Anyway, back to the topic, most vapers have a lot of gear lying around. I personally have a couple dresser drawers dedicated to it. Not to mention my juice stash, anyone who has been vaping for a while has a juice stash. And of course, that bottle of our favorite juice that has just a little left that we are savoring.

Now, the worst part is when something goes wrong.

I have a collection of tanks, some I really like and some I really used to like.

I’ve got three Cleito 120 tanks. And, for the most part, I love them. But, I’ve developed an issue with them. At only a month or so old, one of them had the upper seal go out and now I cannot use it without a replacement piece, which the manufacturer recommends that I order from them. Don’t you just hate that?

While I tend to stick to my favorite when I shop, I have tried the Smok Baby Beast. After hearing much chatter about it from social media I was excited. But that excitement didn’t last long. The coils get so gunked up so fast. When I can put a fresh coil into a cleaned tank and stick a cotton swab into it an hour or so later and have it come out back, I can’t help but be disgusted. With some more reading, I’ve seen that I’m not the only one with this complaint. I also wasn’t overly impressed with the flavor put out. I’m a flavor chaser, more so than a cloud chaser and this tank was dull on both, in my opinion, even with trying the variety of different coils.

My latest acquisition is the Fireluke. I fell in love with the look of it. Normally tanks are pretty bland to look at, but this one caught my eye. When my local vape shop got one in stock I scooped it up. I’ve been using it as a daily driver for about a week and I have to say that I’m loving it.

My Arctic HorizonTech tank was one of my first top fill tanks and I still enjoy it, but I have to keep a pretty strong flavor in it. After using the Cleito 120 and the Fireluke, the Arctic tank seems lackluster on flavor. But, she’s a good old back up. She’s always been dependable, there when I need her and her coils last and last. And that’s always a bonus.

Now, this is where those extra pieces come into play. When you need an extra o-ring, an extra glass or the top rubber seal goes out, you go to your stash to see what you have that will work. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don’t.

In this case I sometimes wish that I was more of an RDA user. The big things, such as coils and cotton are interchangeable for the most part. And, the best thing about having RDAs and RDTAs in your collection is that when the stupid tank starts to gush precious juice out of the air flows and it makes you sick and angry, you can wick your RDA, take a couple of hits and find your zen again.

And some times, that’s all you need.

I’d love to know what’s in your vape drawer? What do you keep around? I’m also looking for a rocking new juice and I’d love to hear your suggestions.  I’m a diehard cinnamon fan and I can’t get enough of a good blue raspberry flavor. Tell me what I should try!

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