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Why Cloud Chasers are the Biggest Pieces Of Shit in the Known Universe


They’re obnoxious and give people a bad impression of vaping

If you’re an OVE, you might not be aware that most people aren’t thinking about vaping 24/7. Some people might live in the middle of fucking nowhere and might not have even seen a vape before. So when you decide to “stealth vape” and blow a “sikk cloud” in a fucking grocery store and other people are forced to inhale your second-hand vapor (yes, retards, this is a thing), it’s going to make people angry. These people will then go on to support vaping bans and restrictions, as well as discourage other people from vaping. This is bad for the vaping movement, and the last thing we need is negatively influence public perception even more by blowing ginormous clouds in people’s faces.

They occasionally blow things up

Look, most of us know that battery safety isn’t terribly complicated. And for a normal person, it’s not. But let’s be honest here: most sub-ohm “sikk cloudz” kids are not the sharpest crayons in the box. They tend to fall into the flat-brimmed-ball-cap-with-sticker-still-attached-and-wallet-chain-on-cargo-shorts crowd and think that blowing clouds would look “tight” (retard to normal person translation: “tight” means cool. I think). They simply don’t have the required brain power to spend <10 minutes on the internet researching safety. They might also be worried about losing “street cred” if they appear to be too concerned about safety. So that’s why we get news stories about dumbasses blowing themselves up and setting things on fire. Which kind of ties in with my first point about giving people a bad impression of vaping. (“What!? These thing explode!? Let’s ban ‘em!)

They are too stupid to care about the politics of vaping

True story: Back in June of last year I went to the vape summit at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. There was a particularly cringe-worthy portion of the event where a bunch of hot chicks were on stage throwing out bottles of juice and at one point, even giving away mods to people who could blow the biggest cloud. I saw several people literally sprint desperately from the back of the room to get close to the stage. The culmination of this pathetic vapetard moment consisted of the guy with the microphone telling the whole crowd to blow the biggest cloud they could so he could put it on Instagram. A couple hundred douchebags blowing a cloud at the exact. same. time. After seeing this one huge, obnoxious cloud blow up from the crowd I thought that I couldn’t cringe harder. I was proven wrong when I saw these cloud-chasing beta morons pathetically scrambling to take pictures with the aforementioned hot chicks (why?) who were presumably models and couldn’t give a shit less about vaping.

Immediately after this a speaker from CASAA took the stage and gave a great speech about how important it is to protect our rights as vapers. The huge mass of people who were scrambling to get free vape swag, blow clouds, and take pictures of hot chicks for some inexplicable reason? Gone. Just me and two other people who actually gave a shit.


In conclusion, cloud chasers are a combination of the all of the personality traits that most people hate all wrapped up in one douchebag. They obnoxiously blow clouds in public, indoors. They blow themselves up with mech mods and set things on fire, which causes risk to other people, because they are literally too dumb to read about battery safety. They are too stupid and selfish to care about protecting vaping from regulations. And most importantly, they look like fucking retards.

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About J.R. Reynoldson

J.R. Reynoldson
VaporVanity co-founder J.R. Reynoldson spends 364 days per year wishing that it was 4/20. He is easily offended by your comments. Email JR at [email protected].


  1. I really beileve that all of this cloud blowing just has to happen in the right place, you have the cloud blowers that you stated are indeed douchebags in pissing contests but there are some who dont have that attitude and only “cloud chase” where its appropriate, a vape shop, thier home, the outdoors. deffinitly do not clump eveyone into the same ball or I belive we will see a “civil war” with vapers go read the article that was on newsweek I belive ” cloud chaseers give vaping a bad name” and see if you agree with everything that they were saying, if you had some sense you wouldnt. then I suggest you go read grimm greens response on his website.

    • Well sure if you’re one of the < 1% of cloud chasers who doesn't act like an asshat then this doesn't apply. But most cloud chasers are causing more harm than good. Thanks for letting me know about the NewsWeek article, I hadn't read it before. But I'm going to have to stand by my claim that most cloud chasers are douchebags.

      • <1%… could you sight references for this statistic… or are you just pulling things out of your ass. In which case I'd start with your head.

          • u seem upset. r u ok man?

          • Replying late as fuck, but just as a heads up, if you’re going to be publishing articles online, acting as a news agency for vaping almost, you’d be best off not starting flames wars with site visitors. Reply to people you disagree with in a smart and polite way. Educate them if you feel the need, but resorting to 5th grade style trolling and insults is simply unprofessional, And this is coming from someone who vapes who loathes this whole “cloud chasing” sub culture (if you can even call a nicotine addiction a culture lol). Be respectful and understanding towards your audience, regardless of how much you may disagree with them. Otherwise, you’ll lose much of your credibility when you act like an ass hat towards them. Just some food for thought.

      • 2 years later am replying to you.

        You’re condescending and mean. Im a flavor chaser. I am sure to you thats a sin of some sort to you. I never understood cloud chasing or what the point of vaping would be with flavor and nicotine delivery not being your goal (if your a current smoker). I would never condone recommending a non smoker to pick up vaping.

        The only thing I agree with is in public places you should keep it away from people much more so then a cigarette. But I guess your hobby and blog is more about hits, and just being an all around jerk to generate traffic.

        Do you vape I am just curious. Its just so surprising to see you recommending a cigarette over blowing large clouds.

        Anyway its a click a bait blog lol. I caught the line

  2. Really? Most? So if I go out tomorrow, buy a mech mod, some low gauge wire, and an RDA I will magically turn into a douchebag? I guess I haven’t met many, but my impression was that most were hobbyists.

  3. For the sake of keeping with the sophomoric tone and condescending nature of this “article” You can go fuck yourself in the ass with a rusted tire iron. If you really think I care about how you perceive me, you seriously overestimate your own relevance.

    • You don’t care so much that you left two comments on this article? Got it!

    • yet you left a comment, the whole caring about how people perceive you went out the window as soon as you clicked the box.

    • Obviously you do or you wouldn’t do it. It has no added effect for actual intent of vaping/smoking. You aren’t absorbing any of the nicotine, or THC if you’re a pothead, by blowing out more than your lungs can handle. You are wasting money and in my agreement with the writer, oxygen.

  4. Honestly, real men don’t sit around judging others, we just don’t give a shit. We’re not “fighting for the movement ” or any other cliche quote bullshit. The people you see with “straight brim hats” are kids just doing what kids do. It must be hard work to dress, talk, walk, smoke, drink, work and drive only the coolest of ways, haha…. I find it very hard to believe that you are this ultra swagerific fly guy that can make sit down pissing look cool, and if you are, you’re the douchebag!! My girlfriend would even tell you to shut the hell up and she won’t shut the hell up herself.!!!

  5. Wow. You’re a first rate moron. I guess you probably would like to take a shit on the constitution and take away all of our guns too. How about freedom of speech and censorship? You’re probably too dense to feel anything but hatred because Americans have the right to choose, the right to free will, and the right to take a huge shit in the front seat of your car when you are sleeping. What a liberal puss scumbag… – an American.

      • And you give this industry a bad name. Oh cry cry cry about going to a vaping convention and seeing people vape indoors in public. Wow I guess next you’ll go to a comicon convention and complain about people dressing up as Darth Vader because he’s to scary and made you piss your pants. You know I’m not really sure what side your on, you write for vapor vanity but you call all vapers and clod chasers morons? Then you mock all of us for trying to save an industry that got over a million people off cigarettes and employs over 100,000 people. Wtf is a matter with you? Here’s a neslws flash dope smoker, why don’t you put down the pin and pull your lip over your head and swallow. We don’t need people like you in our industry and we don’t need articles like this. I guess your for ripping the industry apart and letting big tobacco take over because we can trust them right? Because all that will be left is ecigalikes like blue and fin. And those ecigalikes are the worst kind. I’m guessing you’d just love to see the government just step in and run every facet of our lives and ban everything that is even remotely bad for you or annoying. Your fucking articles are annoying but your dumb ass boss let you publish this article. Maybe they should just do away with freedom of speech so we don’t have to read your hipster liberal fag pussy garbage. If you don’t like vaping maybe you should get out of the industry because YOU ARE giving our industry a bad name with these kind of articles. And then you want to say something about people with autism. There’s something seriously wrong with you sir. And I truly hope you don’t ever go to another vapor convention because you are the pinnacle ass hat of vaping and I’ll make sure that every convention I go to and you are there, I will point you out to everyone and let them know what you really think of this industry. I think you need to find another magazine to write for like the Huffington post or something along those lines. They hate this country and everything it stands for. You’ll fit right in.

          • Mad? No, just disgusted at the liberal putrid nazi garbage you spew out on a daily basis. Maybe I’ll just start writing about how I think all writers for vapor vanity likes to suck each other off. It’s people like you who give all Americans a bad nane. I’m sure when isis decides to attack us all your address will be first on their list. And like I said, I’ll make sure if I see your liberal garbage magazine at any expo I’ll point out to everyone just exactly what you think about them.

      • So u post an article then when people criticize it u resort to calling them autistic which is pathetic. I don’t even know what this site is about I was linked it. After this article I believe the website should be shut down

    • where, in the Constitution, is vaping enumerated as a right? Vaping is a lot like vegetarianism, you like to extol the values of the “culture” before anyone gives a shit, then you get offended when other tell you to chill out because they don’t care.

      here’s a hint, stop being a clueless dickbag, then people won’t call you a clueless dickbag.

      • Clueless dickbag? The only clueless dickbag is you. You think that the government should be in control of everything? If you do then you are clueless. The more they laws they make the more your rights are taken away. This piece of liberal garbage who wrote this makes the whole vaping industry look like morons. Sure let them take away what’s bad for you. Next they will be rationing your water and gas and take away your booze and guns. Go ahead and let them take it all away. Then liberal puss is like you would have nothing to whine about. Have you ever watched 1984? Watch it and then tell me I’m a clueless dickbag. Smh at you unamerican trash.

        • what a slide down a slippery slope, buddy…

          you cry like it’s a basic human right to vape, but it’s not. it’s something to do for lack of something else to do. If someone asks you not to do it on their property, you can either comply or leave. no one implied or stated that you were going to be arrested. the clueless dickbag is the person who does something without any care or concern for others. are you telling us that you can’t last in a trip to the store without dropping a huge cloud in your wake?

          • Lol. And what are you defending? Have you read the article? This guy is trying to insenuate that all vapers are stupid. And you can keep going on about how it’s not a right to vape. But we as Americans have a right to chose to vape and it’s not any of the government’s business. And it sure isn’t yours either. I don’t go around vaping in stores and public places unless I know I can. Your argument holds about as much water as a thimble. If you were a true American you would see the importance of how much the government should stay out of our businesses and stop taxing us so high we can’t even make a decent living. And that goes for all other industries as well. This guy went to a VAPE CONVENTION. Where people are VAPING because it’s a VAPE CONVENTION. And yet he finds it odd that an industry convention allows vaping in the building and wants to hate on us as a whole group because he is a left wing liberal pansy that can’t stand that we are choosing to vape. Stop defending this garbage and pick a battle you know how to win moron. What a couple of idiots. Go munch on your granola bars and drink you gay starbucks. I sure hope you like living in a third world country because that’s what’s going to happen to this country if more people like you are around. Smh wtf kind of drugs are you people on?

  6. How about you guys find another picture for this article? It’s my photo, taken with my camera and belongs to me. I’m the guy on the right. My facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/samuel.k.somerville I agree with a lot of what you are saying, there is a time and place to blow clouds. I have never ever been asked not to vape or to leave somewhere because of vaping. It’s about respecting the place that you are at, and not causing a scene. Good points, poor direction of writing. Please remove my picture. There are tons of other pictures you could use.

  7. I couldn’t even get past the second paragraph. You, sir/madam, are a first rate douche. This garbage you speak is what is wrong with the community. I am personally not a cloud chaser and even find it a little ridiculous but I say, to each his/her own. I don’t belittle them. I EDUCATE them. I tell them that to some people it is obnoxious and there is a time and place for it. I also make it a point to ensure they are aware of battery safety. Talking shit on the people who are most likely the only people besides manufacturers and store owners that are participating in advocacy is about the dumbest thing you could do especially in times like these. You are what is wrong with this industry. Not them. OH, by the way, second hand vapor is NOT a thing. I guess you missed the study/memo. Hopefully people don’t read this garbage and become even more misinformed.

    • U seem upset. Is everything ok man????

      • Not anymore. I’ve said what I need to say. I just hope the only people reading this are actually informed and can see through the bullshit your spouting off. It’s people like you that are going to destroy this industry. If you’re profiting on it or care about it at all, this should concern you.

  8. Wow… So much hatred… Us vapers are not all like this but it only takes a few to ruin it for us all… Vape when n where you want while you can . Uncle Sam WILL MOST DEFINITELY take it away and I feel quite confident some of you people will be contributers and enablers who (of course) won’t ever take responsibility for your self proclaimed intelligence . don’t bother trying to engage me in conversation cuz it wont work good day.

  9. J.R. I am what you would call a cloud chaser.. However, I do not go around blowing smoke in peoples faces. This article is complete bullshit. Whether or not hot ass models are throwing out juice or not, any straight male would be attracted to most of them and probably want a picture. Take a look at cosplay, hot chicks everywhere. Last I checked no ones complaining but you. And another thing, you were at a vaping convention, you didn’t think there would be Vape? Everyone likes their own thing. And everyone has their own way of doing it. I could sit here and call everyone who capes nicotine a heathen to society, but I don’t because its not of my business, and quite frankly its none of yours either. You can’t generalize an entire group of people by what you saw a couple of douchebags do. Trust me, chasers and douches are two very different things

  10. So let me get this straight. Because I like to blow a handful of huge clouds throughout my day and enjoy wearing flat brimmed baseball caps, that makes me a doucebag? I’m sorry J.R Reynoldson, I may be a douchebag but it is for everything but my hobby. And put the pitchforks down buddy, there’s ways to get your point accross without alienating thousands of people. Yes some “cloud chasers” give vapers a bad name, I agree with your premise.
    Furthermore, lost lots of respect for this website immediately after I saw the “vaporvanity” user comment to this post. I am more scared of douchebag “cloud shamers” like yourself dividing the likes of vapors who, in the end, all have the same end goal of fighting for our right to vape. C’mon man, don’t you find it a little hypocritical to call out “douchebag cloud chasers” whilst you are being a douche? I would expect better responses out of the owner of this blog than “mah nigga” and “u mad bro?”. You sir (adolescent/teen?) are giving vapors the stereotype we do not need at this very important time. Not sure if I’m more butthurt about this poorly executed article or that I’m helping pay for your piece of shit car. 10+ years old and it’s not paid for in full lol. You know you’d make a lot more money if you didn’t contribute to your author’s immature garbage. Good to know the blog is run by someone so competent and savvy. Excuse me while I continue to ramp up the douchebaggery and blow clouds like a smoke stack from the confines of my own home.


    • Yup, it sure does. Just like cigarettes the more smoke/vape coming out the less effective it was and all you really did is waste money and look like a dumbass. In your own home so whatever you want. In public smoke it like a normal cigarette or what is the point?

    • At least your a proud douche, right?

    • And how exactly Mr. Proud Douche did you skip everything except the stereotypical comments? If you use the education you may possibly have, and realize the point behind his well spoken rant. Going into the public and being obnoxious and assanine is what he is bringing to light. Your response clearly shows that you are one of the “dumbass douches”.

  11. I think everyone who vapes is a GODDAM DOUCHEBAG!!!! and for te record i vape to you FUCKING DOUCHEBAG FUCKFACE WRITER OF A PIECE OF SHIT

  12. Democrats are worse.

      • oh shit, I’m sorry, I must have triggered you huh? Hey now, Just because your psychotic criminal hag didn’t cut the mustard doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world…the left will probably win in 2020 and you’ll finally be able to shit in the ladies room when you play dress up on Saturday nights.

  13. Why are so many of you being immature. I cant believe this. 8/10 of the vapers ive met in the pacific north west either vape as an alternative to ciggs and or as a hobby. Ironically most the “cloud chasers” i know are in their 30s 40s or 50s and do it as a hobby. I admit there is the swaggy portion of vaping. But from what ive seen around me its not the majority. And its not the cloud chasers. If you want to get an actually decent cloud u have to be educated and know battery safety otherwise u will only have a few hits to show off before you explode haha. anyways im really dissapointed with vapor vanity for using such ignorant language thats brought the world down for so long. Im a 19 year old cargo pants wearing flat brim hat wearing cloud chaser. So are all my friends. And none of us vape publicly indoors. Or in high traffic areas. We vape in our cars. In the vape shop. And in our room. So please u guys dont be at eachothers throats. Be positive 🙂

    • That must be in that area then, in FL it is all the under 25ers that dbag it up on a regular basis. Same dipshits running around rolling coal in their way too jacked up, penis size compensating, diesel trucks that have never seen a muddy field or towed anything.

  14. I agree with everything this article says. Too many hipster douchebags only care about their stupid image and being all dope with their huge clouds, and meanwhile, our politicians can’t ban vaping fast enough because the general public sees nothing but douchebag hipsters acting like assclowns with their vape. You are giving the entire millenial generation a bad name, not just vapers.

    • thats a nice opinion… but its wrong… so what a few stupid kids vape to be “cool” it doesnt mean everybody who vapes is a “douchebag”. stupid prick

      • you need reading skills. I vape. I don’t “blow killer clouds with my bros”, in other peoples faces, while combing my dope beard and figuring out how to keep steampunk alive

    • The entire millenial genertation already has a bad name. Its just a bunch if self conscious brain washed dummies that are too focused on their hair and hats to give a shit about anything. Its not just the vapers. Peoole are just douche bags nowadays. Not everyone just most

  15. We need to ban together bro, I understand why your upset, but seriously this isn’t the way to shoes your message. No the kids don’t realize how close to losing vaping we are, but as a Vapor shop manager, the “douchebags” your alternating aren’t just the most numerous members of the vaping community, but they are also the loudest. I don’t wear hats, wallet chains, and I pay taxes for all is worth. I’m pushing forty and when I’m home or at an event I blow huge clouds. We need to stand together regardless of rather we like to each other we all live to vape. Yeah the cloud chasers need to reign it in, but so do you. No one who reads this week ever stand with you, and divided we fall sir. I’m not trying to antagonize you, but try talking before you start swinging JR, we want votes and signatures, not hostility and in fighting.

    • That is their problem not his, this country has become a “blame the person that points out bad behavior” aka snitches get stitches society. Which is completely unsustainable and makes me want to choke the S outta kids.

  16. I wouldn’t vape at all, I used to smoke, but I need something to put my weed into (thclear now) fuck all you vapers who do it because vaping. Or nicotine, worst excuse ever.

  17. Yeah how do you get paid to fucking write this shit, I want to know, why I am working my ass off while you get to keep writing garbage opinion pieces

  18. I can’t say that i’m a “cloud chaser”, but i do enjoy my clouds. I was a former smoker, went through a pack – pack 1/2 a day. Eventually i switched to vaping and along with that wanted to get as far away from cigarettes as possible. The devices I’ve used have gradually helped me stay away from cigarettes, but I found that the ones with more clouds tend to keep me away more. I think it’s simply because in my mind, cigarettes don’t create a “cloud”, just a small amount of smoke. Having a mod that will produce decent clouds, to me, seems further away from what cigarettes are. I didn’t want to just replace cigarettes with vaping, I wanted to get away from what reminds me of cigarettes. That being said, making coils and builds for clouds helps me a lot with dealing with cigarettes and the urge to smoke them. Yes, there are those who are assholes when it comes to vaping, but to generalize those who cloud chase is a bit ignorant, especially at the level that the writer seems to be at.

    • He did specify the ones that do it in enclosed public spaces are the douchebags. You want to do it outside away from kids or in your own home it’s all good.

  19. I know this is an old article but a comment of mine was just responded to (rudely) by Chris s. Making me revisit it. The adversary as far as vaping is concerned is the government, attacking other vapors is totally counterproductive. I’d also like to add that in vanity’s review of the obs engine, which chuck clouds and which he gave very high marks to, he lists the pros as:

    Clouds. Lots of clouds.
    Easy to build
    Looks cool as shit

    So, pot, tell us some more about what a douche the kettle is.

  20. Great article. Very funny and very harsh but true. Cloud chasers are assholes. Esp. The ones who use no nicotine!!! I can’t stand the fake hipsters. They pick up vaping to look cool, not to kick the cigarette habit and thus set the whole movement back with their douchebaggery.

  21. YES DAMN IT!

    I hate getting caught near or around those cloud chasers! … they are TOTAL PIECES OF SHIT – it is so rude! …it really is a form of passive aggressiveness and it gives vapers a bad name!

    I am FULLY aware of the dangers of cigarette smoke and vaping is an excellent alternative, but vipers still need to respect public areas. To be honest I think people who coat themselves from head to toe in fragrances are just as offensive! …ever been on a bus stuck behind someone who is wearing lots of perfume, hairspray, styling mouse… whatever … it really STINGS my eyes and sinuses!

    I think there is a huge percentage of people ( especially in the WEST ) that do not consider anyone when they are out and about.

    …back to those asshole cloud chasing vapers – I am so glad you wrote this article.

    Today I was out enjoying my walk, doing some errands in Edinburgh town… and I was hit by 4 vape clouds in the space of 30 minutes !!! …first vanilla, then strawberry.. they menthol… anyway, they were MUCH more pleasant than DISGUSTING cigarette smoke, BUT…

    …I am fully aware of nicotine, it is a drug, it is a sedative, but it is also a stimulant! .. and I don’t want it near me, on me, in me and especially forced in my mouth and NOSTRILS IN PUBLIC!

    Nicotine causes panic attacks, it causes anxiety… but hey not in all, but in my case, I eventually found out that my panic attacks were being caused by nicotine, which to be honest makes perfect sense.. it is a powerful stimulant, and mixed with caffeine ( also a stimulant drug ), increases the potential for a panic attack.

    Anyway, I found it hard to hold back my anger at one guy as he passed by on my left side and I was engulfed in vape! …seriously! …that is not acceptable.

    I really think that the more people make their upset known publicly by challenging these idiots, the better it will be! As I look around, I can confirm that people look at cloud chasing vapers and think ” what a fucking TWAT “.

    It is a shame, because most vapers do not behave in that rude manner – we need to realise it is only the odd few.

    How many cars are on the road?, and how many of those cars have LOUD exhaust mods.

    • J.R. Reynoldson

      I can’t believe people are still commenting on this more than two years later! Great troll bait is timeless.

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