Why r vaping youtube reviews so amateurish???

If u want to get the latest vaping reviews in video form, u will most likely end up staring at sum weird fat guy w/ a neckbeard rambling in the 2nd bedroom in his moms house for approx 5 mins. The vaping industry has a lot of catching up to do if it wants to be on the level of real businesses. Compare and contrast the avg mod review with the avg smartphone review and tell me with a straight face that the vaping industry doesn’t have a lot of catching up to do in the professionalism area!!!

LMAO @ 1 of the most popular figures in the “vaping community” recording his reviews in what appears 2 be his childhood bedroom. Srsly?


LOL @ this guy who is actually recording his reviews in his car, like he’s a dad in a sitcom who has to partake in his hobbies in the garage because his wife doesn’t approve!!!

The “vaping community” is the only community that has such low standards that they would watch a video that a guy put literally zero effort into (appears 2 be recorded on a laptop camera in his dining room or whatever) over 1 million times!!!

Now u need to compare and contrast the awfulness of the vape reviews with the awesomeness of other tech reviews, such as smartphones. Notice how the reviewer actually put effort into creating an aesthetically pleasing and informative review. Take note of the professional graphics, and multiple camera angles. Note how this reviewer doesn’t appear 2 be a dork who chose to put minimal effort into his review by just turning on his laptop and talking.

If u r a youtube reviewer, take note: no1 wants 2 see ur pile of dirty clothes and un-made bed in the background when they are supposed 2 be learning about the latest mods and RDA’s. No1 wants 2 sit there and stare at u while u take ur time blowing “sikk cloudz” or “chucking tits”. Try 2 look like u aren’t just recording the review on the camera on ur laptop or with a flip phone from 2005. Try 2 integrate multiple camera angles and have professional looking graphics. Don’t wear sunglasses indoors. Actually don’t wear sunglasses ever if u r filming urself. And if u r fat, don’t do video reviews. Hit the treadmill u fat fucking slob!

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