Woman Wins Almost $2 Million in Exploding Vape Charger Trial


A woman in California was just awarded almost $2 million on Wednesday at the end of a product liability suit.

In March 2013, Jennifer Ries from Corona, CA plugged her VapCigs charger into her car, causing the charger to explode and giving her second-degree burns. After a six-day long trial, the Riverside Superior Court jury gave her $1.9 million in the lawsuit against VapCigs, the company that distributes the cheap Chinese e-cigarettes, wholesaler Cartons 2 Go, and retailer Tobacco Expo.

While I hate a frivolous lawsuit as much as the next guy, this case seems to be fairly legitimate. Unlike most of the recent mechanical mod explosions, she was actually using the product the way it was intended to be used. Should everyone now be worried about their vape pen chargers exploding? Probably not. This incident occurred 2 and half years ago, which is basically an eternity in the world of vaping. But to be on the safe side, if you’re going to start vaping with a basic eGo style vape pen, don’t buy the really obviously shitty looking ones from the gas station/mall kiosk. Just like mech mod clones, they’re cheap for a reason.

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