You Won’t Believe the Shapes This Guy Makes With Vape Clouds

Titus Edwards, a “vaping artist” from Houston, Texas, has been making waves on the internet with the incredible shapes he makes with his clouds.

His signature move is the “jellyfish”, where he blows one solid ring of vapor¬†before blowing through it to create the “tentacles”. The final result is a vapor cloud that looks exactly like the oceanic creature.

In his latest video, he demonstrates some of his most innovative cloud art to date in a video clocking in at less than two minutes. It’s definitely worth a watch.

Titus discovered his talent shorty after he started vaping a few years ago.
His signature move, the “jellyfish”, which looks exactly like its namesake.
The unique shapes of his clouds tend to resemble creatures from the depths of the ocean.
He is able to precisely move his innovative clouds at will.

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