Wotofo Conqueror Mini Tank Review

Everything that comes in the box. The included wire is actually really, really, good.

Since their inception in 2009, Wotofo has long been regarded as one of the most high-quality manufacturers of vaping tech. The Serpent RTA, Troll V2, and the Freakshow have all helped cement this company’s reputation. Will their new Conqueror Mini RTA continue their legacy of excellence? Is it worth spending your money on?

Let’s take an in depth look at this tank and find out.


This smallish-sized tank is 22mm in diameter and features a respectable 2.5ml e-juice capacity. It’s a petite 39mm long and the 510 pin is gold-plated for conductivity. It’s constructed out of sturdy stainless steel and pyrex glass, so all you clumsy vapers out there won’t have to worry about breaking if (when) you accidentally drop it. I may or may not be speaking from experience on that point…

I tried out the black version, and it looked incredible on all of the different box mods I tried it with. The small size of this tank makes it ideal for smaller-sized mods, like the Wotofo Serpent, but it doesn’t look out of place on enormous boxes like the iJoy Quad Maxo either. When I put mine on a red KBOX 200, the contrast of the black stainless steel with the red color of the mod was particularly striking.

The package includes an extra glass tank, along with spare screws and a spare 0-ring, coils and coiling jig, screwdriver, organic cotton, and instruction manual. Everything you need to get started.

This cute little tank manages to push out some huge clouds, even at low wattage levels.


I tried out the Conqueror Mini using a KBOX 200 box mod at a wide variety of different wattage settings.

I noticed that this tank really shines at the lower levels (<50W). The wide airflow holes made up for the lack of wattage and helped to push out some sick clouds. At the same time, the low wattage helped prevent that “burnt” taste that you can sometimes get with higher wattages.

When I cranked the wattage up, I noticed that some of the more subtle flavor notes weren’t coming out from my e-juice. It seemed like only the dominant, most powerful flavor note in the juice was present and it felt like the less prominent flavors were kind of “burnt out”. That’s not really a good explanation of what happened, but it’s the best I can come up with at the moment. Keep in mind that I’m normally not a fan of vaping with high wattage levels, so if you are my opinion won’t really matter to you.

For what it’s worth, I would stick to lower wattage levels with this one.

The included .25 ohm coils worked flawlessly. They seemed to heat the juice evenly and really helped to bring out the flavor of the juice. As with everything, your mileage may vary. It all depends on how you vape, *your* own unique preferences, and how you build your deck.

Bottom line

The Wotofo Conqueror Mini is a great addition to the Wotofo product lineup. It goes great with smaller box mods, and doesn’t look *too* ridiculous on those larger quad-18650 behemoths either. It’s especially good for low-wattage vaping, but fans of high wattage might be able to tweak it a bit better than I did to get a much better performance out of it.

The best place to buy the Wotofo Conqueror Mini is at HeavenGifts.com for $30.30.

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