Wotofo Serpent Box 50W Kit Review

Green Serpent Box 50w kit

In today’s review I’ll be taking a look at the Wotofo Serpent Box kit, which includes both the Serpent 50w mod and the Serpent Sub Tank. In many ways this mod is the polar opposite of the iJoy Maxo Quad 18650 mod that I reviewed yesterday. It’s petite, has an internal battery, and by comparison has a much lower power output.

Let’s take a look and see how it stacks up to the competition and if it’s worth the money.

Serpent box 50w contents


I received the green version of the mod, which is definitely an eye-catching color. I’d describe it as more of a sea green myself, but I’m not a color naming expert. I’m personally a big fan of unique colors, nothing bores me more than to open a package only to find another black, white, or gray box mod. So the color choices on the Serpent Box are definitely a major plus in my book. Including the green one I’m reviewing here, the Serpent mod is available in six different colors. It’s important to note that the included Serpent Sub Tank will always be black no matter which color you choose. The mod is the only component that has a choice of colors.

The surface of the mod has a nice matte-ish feel to it. Bot the the mod and tank feel nice in my hand and there is nothing about it that feels cheap. Just an all-around solidly constructed piece of vaping equipment. It’s small enough (54.5 x 43.5 x 28.5 mm) to comfortably fit in an average person’s front jeans pockets. Hell, at this small size even you skinny jeans wearing mofos will most likely be able to carry this thing around with ease! Haven’t tested that one out for myself though, so your mileage may vary.

As far as the buttons go, you get a larger firing button near the top of the mod and two smaller wattage adjustment buttons near the bottom. All of the buttons protrude a decent amount from the mod and have that circular grip engraving, making them really easy to use while also avoiding accidental activation. No problems here.

The screen is located at the top of the mod, right next to the 510 connector so you can easily get a read on it even while taking a draw on the mouthpiece. It’s clear, easy to read, and presents all the info that you need.

The Serpent Sub Tank is an extremely lightweight, smooth, and well-constructed little tank.

There are no issues with the threading, everything screwed together nice and tight with no resistance at all.  The airflow control ring works nicely and is really easy to adjust without removing the tank from the mod.

Overall this is an excellently designed little kit from Wotofo and I never noticed any flaws with the appearance or construction.

Green Serpent box 50w


The easy to use menu allows you to select from a few different modes: wattage, nickel, titanium, stainless steel, and TCR.

The nickel, titanium, and stainless steel temp control modes seemed to work really well, although I noticed that there was no option to adjust the wattage in those modes. Not a big deal as it seemed to be firing at an acceptable wattage level for me.  The wattage mode seemed to preserve the battery life longer and, obviously, gives you the option to adjust the wattage (7W-50W range).

The internal 2000mAh battery achieved a respectable battery life. When I was vaping in variable wattage mode it lasted about a full day of heavy use, even though I was quickly changing to different wattage levels to test it out. When vaping in temp control mode the battery ran out about halfway through the day. Overall not bad for a tiny little internal battery.

The tank and included stock coils worked really well at at the full range of wattage options, although I found that I received the best results when vaping at around 30-4ow. The airflow adjustment is really smooth and I found that it mainly helped to create either a warmer or cooler vape, rather than actually increasing the amount of cloud production or flavor.

Wotofo Serpent Sub Tank

Bottom Line

The Wotofo Serpent 50W kit is an excellent entry point in to the world of sub-ohm vaping.

It’s tiny enough to become you go-to all day vape, yet powerful enough to produce some satisfying clouds.

Are there better, more powerful sub-ohm setups on the market? You bet. But I haven’t seen one with similar performance specs that matches the convenience and portability of the Serpent. It’s great for beginners and it also deserves a spot in the rotation of advanced vapers who want something simple that they can throw in their pocket. No need to worry about bulk, no need to worry about 18650 batteries. Just a simple internal battery setup that will get you the sub-ohm vape you need.

Buy the full Serpent 50W kit at HeavenGifts.com for $61.80.

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